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The Latest News
Comic-Con Customs and More New Stuff
We're rolling out some fresh goods. Comic-Con inspired VAMP designs, Dreadnok Motorcycles and Helicopters, another addition to our burgeoning Skystriker line, and more!

Links below!

The Gallery
Nate dropped the motherload on our gallery this month, sending us countless images of his sweet customs - too many to feature on the front page. Head to the gallery to check them out. Thanks also goes out to Rand for some cool pictures of his Macross Skystriker.
Oct 7 2013
We've called in the cavalry! We're fleshing out our Hiss Tank selection and pushing forward with some hotly demanded vehicle sets! Charge!

Check below for the goods!

The Gallery
This time we've got beautiful outdoor shots of some of our classic sets from our very own RJ Price. Check out all the great photos in the gallery.
June 1 2013
Brand Spanking New
We're expanding! The troops can't keep their eyes off our new upgraded Computer Screens, and the Tactical Command Base gets the full treatment with three new sets. New factions, new vehicles, new categories!

Check below for the goods!

Gallery Submissions
Be sure to check out all the latest photos in the gallery, submissions have been so numerous we can't showcase them all on the front page. Thanks everyone!
New Factions
March 16 2013
New Items
The Future Fortress is almost here! Our Battle Force 2000 selection is nearing completion with the addition of the Eliminator 4WD and it, along with a host of other new sets, is here to make March special for reasons other than an historical assassination and a questionable excuse to get drunk.

We've also expanded our Faction collection again, adding the Steel Brigade and beefing up our Evil Head Hunters section.

Check out everything new below!
February 23 2013
Tons of new products are making their way to the website, fleshing out our HISS series and filling in some blanks in our catalogue. And you won't have to wait long for even more: the next expansion of our inventory will be happening SOON. So soon I actually have an envelope stuffed with new sets in my hot little hands, the ink is so fresh I can smell it through the packaging. Mmm.

Check below for direct links to the new sets!

More Gallery Goodness
Joe fans continue to saturate our inbox with fantastic photos of Cobrastickers in action. Check out all the latest contributions in the gallery. These latest submissions may be the best we've received. Unbelievable custom paint jobs and creative hacks. Outstanding work fellas!

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